Transforming Hospitality: Experience the Future of Reviews & Unlock Exclusive Benefits

Step into a world where reviews are trustworthy and unforgettable moments await. Our groundbreaking platform, powered by crypto and blockchain technology, not only revolutionizes the hospitality industry but also brings you incredible discounts and access to VIP events. Get ready to embark on a journey filled with trusted reviews, amazing savings, and exclusive experiences.

E8T will become the go-to place for trusted reviews and incredible offers in the Food, Drink & Hospitality Industry.

100% Trusted Review Protocol

Will be possible by combining Geotagging, QR Coding & Bluetooth interfaces to ensure that a person has actually been to the venue before being allowed to leave feedback.

Rewarded User Data Share

Unlock a world of rewards while you Explore, Dine & Delight in the best venues. Take your rewards to a higher level by recommending, reviewing & interacting with participating venues.

Backed by Blockchain

Safe and reliable transaction protocol to ensure no duplication of token exchanges and to benefit from all the other associated functions from having a decentralised cryptocurrency.

‘Hook Cycle’ embedded

The Hook Cycle mobile app will include a fun gaming function offering users an engaging experience to earn daily token rewards encouraging daily interaction.

Experience a World of Personalized Offers & Rewards


Earn E8T Tokens by engaging with the platform, leaving reviews, and more.


Leverage E8T to accurately target customers and grow your enterprise.

Experience a World of Personalized Offers & Rewards

Why Us?

Our platform offers secure and transparent customer reviews using blockchain, personalized targeted marketing, and incentivized loyalty with E8T Tokens. Join us today for a revolutionary customer experience.
Blockchain technology

Ensures our accurate customer reviews are secure, transparent, and trustworthy.

Targeted Marketing

Reach your ideal customers with personalized offers based on their preferences.

Reward Programs

Incentivize loyalty and engagement with E8T Tokens

Why Us ?

Testimonials By Our Participating Venues

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The Claremont Pub & Garden
We are a beautiful public house in the Heart of Tunbridge Wells and are excited to be one of the first venues to sign up to the E8T Project. Trusted Reviews is a game changer for our business, having suffered fake reviews in the past & targeted marketing is something we have been keen to use with current social advertising no longer working for us.
Rob Lawton --Director
We were blown away with so many innovative features with the E8T concept. Having suffered fake reviews from our competitors in the past the E8T trusted reviews will finally put an end to this. “With so many other benefits it wasn’t the case could we afford the subscription” it was could we afford not to be part of the E8T project. .
Sean Marlow - Director
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Vale Vault
Often known as The Secret Bar of Tunbridge Wells and that is where our problem lies. We have 100% feedback on google reviews and excellent write ups in magazines, publications and across social media but not many people find us still. The E8T office is next to our bar on the High Street and getting a chance to look at their innovative plans not just for Tunbridge Wells but across the world was an eye opener and we are excited to be one of the first to sign up. Mark Nicholson, Director Vale Vault

Allocations of funds

13.8 Billion E8T Tokens

Venues/App - 40%
Future Funding Rounds - 20%
Flare/Lena Cloud Funding Raise - 10%
Private Raise - 10%
Staking Rewards - 8%
Partnership Funds - 7%
Team Pool - 5%

Our roadmaps


  • Flare Cloudfunding launch with Lena networks
  • Smart Contract Creation
  • Recruitment Development Team – Tunbridge Wells
  • App Plan/Design
  • Socials/Website


  • Token Creation
  • App Beta Launch
  • Venue Dashboard, Backoffice, Marketing & Point of sale creation
  • Venue Trainers/support team – Tunbridge Wells
  • Dubai, London & Singapore Development Team
  • Onboarding of first 20 venues Tunbridge Wells.


  • Token Launch
  • App ADD on partnership creation.
  • Proof of concept official Launch (Tunbridge Wells)
  • 2nd round of funding for expansion to Dubai, Singapore London
  • Metaverse creation mapping of Tunbridge Wells
  • Exchange listings
  • App launch Phase 1


  • Dubai, Singapore & London launch
  • App V2 launch including add ons, Daily Games
  • Further partnerships established with gaming, fitness for exciting app features
  • Staking for favorite venue
  • Development team for expansion across Europe.


  • Partnerships for world launch sourced
  • Metaverse city mapping for Dubai, Singapore & London
  • Trusted review partnerships for moving into different markets
  • Integration with social media platform to app

Joining Forces with Flare Network: Elevates Blockchain Ecosystem

Empowering the Future of Decentralization

We are thrilled to announce that is expanding its blockchain horizons by becoming an official validator and FTSO (Flare Time Series Oracle) provider on the Flare Network. This pivotal step allows us to play a significant role in the decentralization movement, offering enhanced security and efficiency to the network.

What This Means for You:

Enhanced Network Integrity: As a validator, contributes to the robustness and resilience of the Flare Network, ensuring transactions are processed reliably and securely.

Accurate Data Provision: Through the FTSO service, we provide critical, real-time data to the Flare ecosystem, fostering a more informed and efficient network.

Community Participation: This venture deepens our commitment to the blockchain community, offering our users a more interconnected and dynamic experience.

Our Vision:

At, we believe in the transformative power of blockchain technology. By aligning with the Flare Network, we’re not just participating in a digital revolution — we’re helping to lead it. Our journey as a validator and FTSO provider marks a new chapter in our mission to enhance the blockchain ecosystem, offering our users the latest in innovation and reliability.

Stay Tuned for Updates

As we embark on this exciting new venture, we invite our community to join us in shaping the future of blockchain. Stay connected for more updates and insights on how our role in the Flare Network will bring new opportunities and advancements.





Meet the founders

E8T was the born from an initial meeting of our two founders who each had individual projects that were perfectly complimentary to each other. A partnership was promptly formed unifying each parties projects and methodologies and E8T was set up to revolutionise the online feedback communities.

Founding Partner
Founding Partner
Russell Howes
Marketing Director

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