Who are we?

E8T is a platform that leverages the power of blockchain technology and the E8T Token to create a trustworthy ecosystem for the hospitality industry. It aims to address the issues of fake reviews and lack of regulation in the F&B review industry and provide a reliable platform for reviews, growth, and loyalty in the industry.

Why us
Our Mission

E8T is dedicated to creating an honest and supportive community for both users and venues in the hospitality industry.

Our Vision

E8T aims to be a trusted leader in the hospitality industry by offering a reliable and transparent platform for reviews and growth.

Our Values

E8T is guided by its core values of Trust, Innovation, Collaboration, and Excellence in all of its actions and decisions. These values are essential in achieving its vision and mission of becoming a trusted leader in the industry.


The timeline of our business

Start ico platform

Q4 2019

We created an plan to develope an ico platform Crypteck trout sturgeon, morwong houndshark mooneye bobtail.

Project Idea

Q4 2019

We created an idea when developed City One Apps second Kickstarter project, it was launched a few years ago.

Business Conception

Q1 2020

Start of the ICO Crypto Platform Development. It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted.



Exciting announcement for our community congrats! We have hit the soft cap!

Legal Review

Q1 2022

International ICOs may need to consider US regulations to avoid falling foul of the SEC in the event of US persons acquiring tokens.

Token Sale and Marketing

Q3 2022

Targeted marketing strategy. Reliable solution for your token sale and promotion.

Shop apps

Q4 2022

Online crypto payments industry growth to boom in exponential progression.

Expand Project

Q4 2023

We created an idea when developed City One Apps second Kickstarter project, it was launched a few years ago.


E8T App will be the first app globally to incorporate the 4 digital technologies into a user focused, value deriving, elementary in operation application.

With mainstream acceptance and investment in decentralised, blockchain ledger applications rapidly increasing in the last 3 years, now is the perfect time to launch a Token which integrates tokens, smart contracts, a reward mechanism and also reliable data wrapped in an easy-to-use user interface which your grandparents could navigate.

A token which is immediately available to use, rather than hoarding or speculating on, provides an extremely unique and exciting proposal which ties in some important technological advances of the past 5 years created through Blockchain technology.


E8T.App draws together 4 sections of latest technology and simplifies this into an easy to use, user interface which draws together the core functionality of the 4 Tech segments.

  1. E8T app manages tokens
  2. Tokens are issued from smart contract where reviews are stored
  3. Smart contract run on the blockchain
  4. The blockchaintalks back to the E8T app

We are in the media section

E8T will be the first project on the platform
Flare Network, a new Layer 1 blockchain developed on the basis of connecting everything, has announced the launch of a new crowdfunding launchpad in collaboration with Swiss infrastructure and blockchain software firm Lena Instruments.
E8T’s Trusted review can reduce this to zero
More than 1.3 million reviews submitted to Tripadvisor last year -- 4.4% of its total review submissions -- were fake, but the travel company prevented 72% from making it onto the platform
With E8T there is a better way
The sharp decline in spend in the second half of 2022 coincided with social media companies such as Meta and Snap reporting declining demand from advertisers.
E8T will be listed shortly
Flare Builders aims to help the Flare community explore a growing list of projects using Flare & Songbird

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